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eeergh.. shall have to go into town tomorrow and ask for an over draft, or else teh power will be cut off

it’s stupid, because i totally inherited enough money to pay the bills, just i’m bad at paperwork, and paying for processing the paperwork to inherit the inheritance requires fees, which i can’t pay because i’m too afraid to send off the paperwork to inherit the money

*vibrates in frustration and self hatred*

fluffy-critter said: OpenGL is “low level?” Man, I don’t get webdevs.

WebGL not providing any JS-facing matrix math functions (in a graphics library!) is probably to blame for that perception.

I get that they wanted to make the spec easy to implement, but (along with the lack of a scene graph, or any sort of default camera / lighting behaviour) it does make the thing feel quite primitive

Today i:

* shuffled the mess around the kitchen floor some

* lugged an old table in from the outhouse, trebling available work space

* found a WebGL book i like (OpenGL ES being quite low level most devs use a library to provide the boring bits, but i’m hoping to do fancy stuff involving shaders later on so’ll need to know all that, and don’t want to work from a C++ based tutorial)

anyway it’s now 0432 and i should sleep….







Amazing Jurassic Park cosplay. I’m dying. Via Gamma Squad.

omg the video of them going around the con is HILARIOUS

Go faster. Must go faster.

This is the true spirit of cosplay

a full grown man riding in a Power Wheel modified to look like a Jurassic Park truck

with a lady in a raptor suit chasing him all over the convention

everyone else go home.

this is gold every time I see it

here’s the video, by the way

92 Questions

Rules: Once you’ve been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 92 truths about you. at the end, choose 25 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you.

Hypervirulent Memes of the Future will be like: “Rules: Write an autobiographical novella on the theme of apostasy. Tag 125 people, including five childhood friends.”

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